An understanding of your target profiles, including demographics, interests, pain points, the type of content they prefer to consume, how they discover content, how they access content.

A determination on how your content can stand out. What will attract your target audience and make them come back for more? How does your content satisfy your prospects’ needs? How will you be differentiated?

Aligning your content to your business objectives. How will the content be leveraged for lead generation? Our content plan will include techniques that make your content contribute to your SEO as well as lead generation and nurturing objectives.

A review of your current content assets; and then a determination on what content can be rewritten, and what new content is needed to support your lead generation objectives (i.e. white papers, case studies, website copy, videos, podcasts, blogs)


Our executive conferences and meetings bring together C-level executives for thought leadership, strategic insights and peer-to-peer networking in relaxed, reciprocal, rewarding settings. With content produced by our industry-leading editors, analysts and industry partners, and our highly experienced event management team providing superior execution and customer service, these events continually deliver results that keep our valued delegates and sponsors returning year after year.


Our Insight research enables you to:

1.Reach and engage India’s C-suite Community with credible thought leadership content.

2. Frame your position with a sense of urgency with research providing an instant market snapshot.

3. Showcase the innovative strategies to problems C-suite Professionals in Indian markets have learned.

4. Give your team opportunities for meaningful sales conversations; help them convey a deep and relevant understanding of the needs of C-suite Professionals in India.

5. Reveal marketplace intelligence, identify the market trends and the changing needs of C-suite Professionals.

Round Tables

Custom Round Tables provide the perfect opportunity for a technology solution provider to have a structured peer information exchange while building relationships with key prospects and nurturing existing clients in an exclusive environment. Led by a top Guest Host Moderator, interactive discussions occur in a relaxed atmosphere and closed-door business setting, so the technology solution provider can easily tailor a core message for hard-to-reach C-level executives.

We follow a scientific approach to ensure a return driven strategy on your marketing spend. Through the medium of our Round tables, we bring together targeted groups of key decision makers after understanding your business requirements.