After 20 years of working and being rated as one of the best negotiator by my corporate, I still contemplate, is negotiation an art or science? Is it a mind game or a game of fairness? Is it the science of equilibrium where two opposite force become equals or is it the game of patience or time? Can we be fair? Should it be WIN WIN? Or is it a compromise? 

I do not think I can answer for sure in what category I can put negotiation in but one thing is clear that negotiation between two unequals can never be fair? I do not know for sure if negotiation between two equals can always be fair. There are many quotes available on negotiation there is many coaching centre to coach and train about negotiation? But one thing I am sure it is the necessity which beings us on the negotiation table. Whether as a buyer or  a seller, an advisor and his client, A voter and a leader, and employer and employee. One thing I am pretty sure that the strength of one over another plays a desisive role in negotiation. 

I had done many negotiation with big corporates and when the logic fails they say this is how we are? Choice is yours? The other party thinks about and succumb to pressure probably he needs  the big brother to survive? I know people mention that you should analyse if your services are crucial, is it most needed, you should know how and when to say no etc etc.

It is my believe arising out of experience that the smartness does play a crucial role in having better terms in negotiation but ultimately it is the need that make one the winner! If big brother needs you more probably you have more head room, ultimately it is your need that will take you in or out of negotiation. Generally the side which is more stronger, win the game.

But it can not be concluded like that? If one has done a fair amount of research, and has done the need analysis, has developed insight and endurance to negotiate he could do better. Better informed person about, customer, competitor and his own capability can achieve very good result. Everything in our life is negotiable? It is not only business that negotiate. We negotiate almost every time to achieve better results. Our each negotiation should be well observed and should help us in increasing our sharpness.