May 21, 2021

CFO Engage Bengaluru

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“Spider man’s prime powers are his super strength and agility. These are probably the two most useful powers any superhero would want in order to emerge victorious from vulnerable circumstances.”

01:Agile CFO: The New Competitive Imperative

We’re living through a time of unprecedented change and the pandemic has generated severe disruption. CFOs have switched gears to firefighting mode: being conservative with cash, assessing risks and trying to redo all financial plans and forecasts. The crisis is certainly serving as a catalyst to reinvent the operating model of the finance organization. Agile finance-led business planning encourages a frequent, well-informed reassessment of plans. One of the primary lessons for all executives from this last tumultuous year was that they cannot control or even predict certain outside events. The confluence of technological advancement and changing consumer preferences has underpinned a significant increase in the rate of change for business models. Organization wide agility is the essential element to enable next generation companies – it allows the rhythm of business model evolution to match the rhythm of change in the organization’s operating environment. There are few departments in any organization which seek efficiency as much as the modern day finance team does.
This edition of the CFO Engage will feature keynote speakers, interactive panel discussions and case studies. The agenda is designed to present new case studies and fresh thinking and by using a variety of session formats, we allow attendees to address the critical issues they currently face and identify quick fixes to immediate problems and consider longer term strategies.

The forum is designed to help you learn from the experts and connect with like-minded peers in a virtual setting. Sessions are composed of keynotes from world-class practitioners, deep-dives into tech with the leading authorities, Q&As, and an opportunity to engage with peers to help answer your questions.

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04: Agenda & Topics covered


Feather rises not because of its strength, but its skill


Leveraging Intelligent Automation to Drive Digital Transformation across Finance Functions


CFOs Driving Digital Transformation to Increase Business Agility


Leading the change: The CFO’s role in sustainable business


Whichever party is in office, the Treasury is always in Power

21 May 2021 with 5+ sessions

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