The Human Resources department of a company manages the administrative tasks that involve employee compensation, benefits, education and motivation. From recruiting suitable candidates for the organization to identifying and meeting the training needs of existing staff and ensuring employee welfare and employee relations are positive, HR is responsible for a lot of crucial aspects.
The last year reiterated that there is no shortage of innovation and good ideas,1000 plus startups have been added to the Indian startup ecosystem and major startups went on a hiring spree! However, everything about Human Resources has been changing progressively including the hiring process, people analytics, the transition from paper-based to software systems etc. So what are the new trends that we can look forward to in 2018?
One of the human resources trends that are expected in 2018 is continuous reviews and feedback regarding all work related issues. Through continuous feedback and review meetings and constructive criticism, managers are looking at improving their teams to give better results and increase productivity. Just like the customer experience teams optimize their journey with the company, this new drive will examine their employee journey map and optimize it for a better employee experience.
Digital is the way forward
With many companies hiring for posts such as the Chief Digital Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, the next step forward clearly is digital. In order to keep up with the constant tech innovations and usher in the tech era, organizations will be hiring or reforming digital leadership.
People Analytics
In 2018, more organizations would evolve a people analytics function to bridge communication gaps between team leaders and senior management. At the same time, teams will also be created to ensure the security and privacy of employee data, as well as coordinating people data to generate real actionable insight to support people decisions.
Fixed jobs no more
Flexibility will be taking over the fixed and defined job profiles with organizations looking at fixed qualitative and quantitative capabilities required for specific assignments. Teams will no longer be built on the basis of fixed jobs and profiles. Rather, the wishes, needs, capabilities and flexibility of the people will be taken into consideration as a part of the hiring process.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning tools like GetLinks or Arya are going to be the new norm in companies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will help in analyzing and transforming the existing data and help in basic repetitive HR tasks. The use of AI can help companies reduce bias, work more on employee relations and effectively lower the cost of recruitment practices and obtain candidates with the better fit.
With these trends in place, one can only hope for a better workplace for everyone in 2018, leading to higher productivity and greater employee loyalty.